Vinyl & Rubber Flooring

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We know it can be hard making the right decision when it comes to choosing the correct commercial flooring. At Carpet Cutters Commercial we have over 30 years of experience when it comes to commercial floor coverings so why not talk to the experts today.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Disregard all that you thought about vinyl flooring and realize why commercial vinyl flooring is a particularly ideal decision for a wide scope of business applications. Vinyl Flooring has changed significantly throughout the last decade, coming about in a profoundly strong, adaptable, and appealing flooring solution. These very characteristics that made vinyl flooring so popular in homes now makes commercial vinyl flooring ideal in many commercial spaces.

Vinyl planks and Tiles

Vinyl planks and tiles can give you a realistic look of stone, wood or ceramic tiles with the benefit of bing low maintenance and cost effective.

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl is perfect for school, child & aged care facilities, hospitals and dental surgeries as it’s easy to clean and maintain. In addition it’s perfect for high traffic areas that need to be hygienically cleaned.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl tiles and boards give the presence of genuine tile or wood floors at a much lower cost. Vinyl floors are additionally a lot simpler to keep clean. Genuine wood floors are powerless against dampness while those made of vinyl are impervious to water and to spills. This component of vinyl flooring makes for a more functional decision in any setting where there is exposure to moisture and high wear and tear. You can utilise vinyl tiles and boards to create the look of a stunning floor without the worry or spills, scuff marks and scratches

Commercial vinyl flooring is made to resist dampness, hefty traffic, and give a smooth but strong floor covering for large commercial spaces. The decision of vinyl tiles, planks, or sheets gives you a wide variety of shadings, styles colours and textures, giving you an unlimited alternatives fto those expensive traditional floor materials. No other kind of flooring surface is more flexible, durable or versatile than commercial vinyl flooring.

Commercial Rubber Flooring

While usually used as gym flooring, rubber flooring is also commonly used in playgrounds, outdoors and other high-traffic areas that require durable and/or waterproof flooring, such as doggy day-care, dugouts, basements, boats, storage sheds, ice skating rinks, locker rooms and more.

Rubber flooring is durable and easy to clean with the added benefit of underfoot cushioning in those much needed industries. In workplaces where there is more impact between people’s feet and the hard floor, rubber absorbs a lot of the impact to help prevent injury.

Floor Preparation

Carpet Cutters Commercial carries out all our own floor preparation internally taking the headache out of using separate contractors and avoiding warranty issues. We can remove existing floor coverings, Remove Adhesives and level Floors ready to receive new floorcoverings. We also have our own tried tested products again to ensure warranties are met in full.

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