Commercial Carpet Tiles


Choosing the right carpet for a new project or updating?

There are many options and designs when it comes to a commercial space when choosing and designing the right floor coverings whilst also sticking to your budget. If you are after the right advice why not speak to the friendly staff at Carpet Cutter Commercial.

Commercial Carpet Tiles

As the name recommends, carpet tiles are pre-cut, square-formed bits of carpet that are intended to be placed on the floor like porcelain tiles.

One of the advantages of  certain commercial carpet tiles is that the underlay is already built-in to the underside of the tile. Having the underlay built into the tile saves time and labour cost and means the floor can be laid faster than traditional carpet.

Carpet tiles are amazingly low maintenance and a damaged tile can be easily removed for cleaning or replacing. Spare tiles are easy to store and take up minimal room.



Low Maintenance

Fast Installation

Versatile Laying Pattern

Commercial Carpet Tile Versatility

When it comes to carpet tiles they are unmatched when it comes to design flexibility. With a wide range of colours and style options you can mix and match tiles to indicate different divisions of your business, layout walkways or create a checkered effect, rotate through a whole colour palette, create borders, or even cut letters into tiles and put your company name or logo into your carpeting.  

Floor Preparation

Carpet Cutters Commercial carries out all our own floor preparation internally taking the headache out of using separate contractors and avoiding warranty issues. We can remove existing floor coverings, Remove Adhesives and level Floors ready to receive new floorcoverings. We also have our own tried tested products again to ensure warranties are met in full.

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