Commercial Broadloom Carpet

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When it comes to building or renovating or updating any commercial space, the sort of flooring you select can have an enormous impact not only on the office environment but also on the way your customers perceive your business.



Commercial Broadloom Carpet

Broadloom carpet is more traditional and possibly, more widely utilized in large corporate spaces. It comes with many design choices, including patterns, colours, even mosaics, and arrives in large rolls ready to be cut to size and installed. The term broadloom is defined as carpet that’s woven on a wide loom, and it generally refers to tufted carpet that’s installed wall-to-wall. Broadloom is sold in rolls that are typically a larger width, they’re usually 3.66m wide.

Perhaps the most important benefits of broadloom carpet is that it can quickly and simply cover a large commercial space with one elaborate design, wall-to-wall. It’s simply installed over a separate underlay, between the slab or subfloor and therefore the carpet is much softer underfoot.

Benifits of Commercial Broadloom Carpet

Endless design possibilities. Inspire sophistication with modern broadloom carpet designs and patterns.

Softer underfoot than carpet tiles. because of the extra padding, referred to as the underlay, broadloom carpet can provide more cushion underfoot.

Hidden seams. Unlike tiled carpet, broadloom comes in 3.66m wide roll and is installed wall-to-wall for a seamless finish. Any areas where broadloom seams meet are sealed with a chemical to give the appearance of a single piece.

Broadloom Commercial Carpet

Historically, carpets were hand woven on looms, therefore the term ‘broad loom’ literally meant a loom that was wider than the typical loom size of carpet.

What Is a Loom? A loom is a  device that is used to weave fabric. For hand weaving, it holds in situ the fibers running in one direction and the fibers heading in the other direction can be interwoven.

How Is Broadloom Sold? As mentioned above, broadloom is formed into rolls of a typical width (whichever width the manufacturer chooses). These rolls are typically approximately 45 meters long .

How Is Broadloom Installed? Broadloom is most frequently sold for the purpose of being installed wall-to-wall in commercial spaces, it’s usually installed over an under pad called underlay. The underlay gives the carpet a softer feel under foot and in certain commercial applications it can be glued to the floor.

Because the broadloom comes in specific widths, installation are often tricky if the space is wider or narrower than the carpet. For rooms that are wider than the width of the roll, two or more pieces of broadloom will need to be seamed together. For rooms narrower than the width of the roll, the carpet will need to be trimmed to the exact width. While doing so isn’t difficult, it always means the additional amount being cut must still be purchased.

Sometimes, for rooms smaller than the width of the broadloom, a Commercial Carpet Tile might actually be a better option. With numerous flooring options available its hard to know what’s right for you? Here at Carpet Cutters Commercial we have the experience to guide you through the process of choosing the best commercial flooring for your needs.

Floor Preparation

Carpet Cutters Commercial carries out all our own floor preparation internally taking the headache out of using separate contractors and avoiding warranty issues. We can remove existing floor coverings, Remove Adhesives and level Floors ready to receive new floorcoverings. We also have our own tried tested products again to ensure warranties are met in full.

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